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Selecting the right editing and proofreading services for your document is the most important decision you'll make throughout the writing process.

There is nothing quite like having an intelligent, knowledgeable and discerning editor read your work and provide feedback on how you can make your ideas clearer, your arguments stronger, your sentences more powerful and the overall delivery of your writing more effective. 

I am able to read a piece of writing on any subject, poke holes in the weak spots, break down the logic and build it up again, and provide objective feedback for how the writer can improve the way in which they're conveying information to the reader. 

If instead you just need proofreading and want an expert pair of eyes to catch all the pesky little spelling and punctuation errors, take advantage of my proofreading service.

With Edit Me F.A.S.T.®, you'll receive a high-quality, insightful editing service and persnickety proofreading service Fairly, Accurately, Studiously and Timely, or as the name states, F.A.S.T., all at more than reasonable rates and fast turnaround, plus free follow-up questions.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
I approach each document as if it were my own. I enjoy helping people improve their writing, and my main goal as an editor and proofreader is to satisfy my customers. If you would like for me to take a second look at any section of your document, just let me know via email. I will work with you until you are completely satisfied with my editing or proofreading.

Below is a sample of the kinds of documents I work on:

Dissertations Business Documents
Theses Novels
Essays Short Stories
Research Proposals Websites
Journal Articles Personal Writing
Personal Statements/Statements of Purpose


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